Smoove Lube & Smooth Prep Combo

Smoove Lube & Smooth Prep Combo

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Smoove was engineered to work in 90% of all conditions and it’s the only true universal chain lube on the market.

It is best to use a citrus based degreaser when cleaning your chain. If you use a normal degreaser make sure to use hot water to help soften the lube so that the surfactant in the soap can break down the lube. For best results use SMOOVE™ PREP Chain and drivetrain cleaner.

Step 1  Apply SMOOVE to a clean dry chain.

Step 2  Apply on the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain.

Step 3  Let the lube dry for at least an hour.

Step 4  Best results are achieved if lube is applied the night before.

Step 5  Do not wipe chain after application.

Step 6  Too much lube will cause residue to accumulate around the derailleur pulley wheels and cassette.